Shaykha Fest Feedback

Following are some of the actual written feedbacks we have received from Shaykha Fest Participants. Personal information is removed from privacy. If you attended Shaykha Fest and would like to share your feedback please contact us through Contact Us link on the top of the page.


"Shaykhafest was amazing beyond words. May Allah bless everyone for their work in making it happen and may Allah guide us to continue. Thank you for reminding us that increased study in Islam and iman should lead us to increased mercy and respect for others."


"ShaykhaFest was an overwhelming experience not only because of the caliber of women scholars, poets and activists, but also because of their humility and ways of inspiring thought and action. I am so thankful that I was able to attend and I hope to see more of these activities in the future. A special thank you to the organizers of this event and the truly remarkable speakers."


"The Shaykhafest was all I anticipated and so much more...the speakers (Shaykhas)...the sisters in attendance...the positive energy in the room...I took a deep breath and soaked all that knowledge...I was too reserved to openly share but I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed this event...May Allah unify this Ummah and allow more programs like this to come into the light and grow by leaps and bounds...Jazak Allahu Khayrun..."


"First and foremost I must say thank you for everything – the concept, venue, childcare, vendors, sustenance, ease of registration, payment and check in, but most important - presenters and facilitators. Next, I must tell you how we (a group of seven sisters (most of whom knit) and a young girl from the Philadelphia area came to attended the Fest. As individuals, we have all traveled in pursuit of knowledge (knitting needles in hand) to events both local and in other states. We share the knowledge of these events with each other. Some are received with interest and others not so. However, when the Shaykha Fest was presented as an event, everyone was onboard from moment one. I say this as interest was extremely high. The breadth of presenters spoke to all of us on different levels so please know that we did not attend to hear a particular speaker, but for the event as a whole. Based on the presenters’ backgrounds alone, there really was no “expectation”. We knew there would be some take aways and topics for future discussion but we did not know, nor could we have known how humbled, inspired, enriched or motivated we would become. It was a transforming experience in that we all checked our current behaviors and attitudes, opened our minds and hearts and increased our knowledge. It was truly AWEsome. I look forward to your next event, and inshallah will see you then."


"I did not know what to expect from ShaykhaFest, Would it be way over my head because of the caliber of the speakers? Would I get anything out of it? Was it worth spending a whole day away from my family? Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful that I was able to attend such an immensely inspiring, humbling and thought-provoking program. Each and every speaker was so talented yet so they had humility and warmth. They were such brave, confident women, yet so humble. They opened the door to the mind and the heart. To say the least, this was a life-changing experience. No one could listen to these women and not be moved or changed by what they learned. The panel was such well-thought out in the choice of speakers. Their topics were relevant and fascinating. The poetry was dramatic, touching and powerful. The organizers did a fantastic job of keeping things timely, organized and respectful. I loved Chantal's way of handling time-limits and her little stories in between."


"I am telling so many of my female Muslim friends about this that they all want to attend next year. I think the venue would have to be way bigger because if each attendee even gets 1 or 2 more people to attend next year, it will be HUGE! The energy and vibe in the room was so congenial and pleasant that I hope too many people would not change that. I cannot say enough good things about this and I thank Allah for allowing me this opportunity. But it also puts the burden of responsibility to learn even more, practice even better and share with others. May Allah allow each and every one of us to take what we have learned and apply it to our lives."


"I must say I was truely pleasantly surprized at this event. I came not knowing what to expect. First of all the food was delicious and the presenters/speakers were extremely versed in their subject(s) area of presentation. The information presented was more food for thought for me and I hope Inshallah Allah will bless all of you to continue with this quest."