Our feature story is of Heather Lee Elsayed, a wife and a mother, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and now lives in Texas. She is a Women's Rights Activist. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Islamic Studies with Rawiya College. Read about her fascinating story below:


“The spark of Islam started within me when I was in my late teens, early 20’s. (I just didn’t know it at the time). I have always had this passion to find the true meaning of life. I was raised a devoted Catholic and had a strong connection to my prayers with God. However, I had a lot of questions. Through college, my Catholic faith had faltered and I began looking for a different belief in how to worship God. I had visited temples, Buddhist gardens, multiple churches from Baptist, Protestant, to Roman Catholic but none seemed to really satisfy my questions. A friend of mine asked if I had ever considered reading the Qur’an…I was shocked because I had a preconceived notion of what Islam was about. Could I really see myself as a Muslim? Suphana’Allah, as I read the Qur’an I found myself unable to stop reading. Page after page after page I turned reading the confirmations to the stories I knew as a Catholic being present in the holy Qur’an. Searching for the truth, I found new information in a holy book I had never seen before. Sciences about the sperm and egg and how a baby was developed in the womb. Ayaas about astrology and answers in Surah Miriam and Surah Al-Imran as to why Miriam (PBUH) was chosen. All of these, and many more revelations written in a book 1400 years ago by a Prophet (PBUH) who couldn’t even read or write. Masha’Allah. I will never forget my first rakkah and that moment when your forehead touches the ground for the first time. It was a type of meditation I had never known, yet needed all my life. I knew, if I turned my back on Islam, if I walked away from the truth, I would have to answer for my decision on my judgment day. I said the shahada four years ago and have been embracing Islam ever since.

I have a spark in me to use my passion to help Muslims in my community. I want to utilize my business degree, women’s studies degree, and insha’Allah my Islamic studies degree to develop community awareness about Islam, develop or enhance community outreach programs, and assist in ways to bridge gaps between faiths. My journey to Rawiya College came about because I wanted to learn more about Islam. Yes, I am learning the teachings independently through mosque halaqa’s and hadiths. However, I wanted to learn more about the history of Islam, how to validate hadiths, and about Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Being a convert, you are constantly asked questions by people who either assume you’re Catholic and are shocked to learn you’re Muslim, and by friends or family members who knew you pre-Muslim and curious about your decision to convert. Knowledge is power. Also, I wanted to prepare myself to teach my daughter’s the proper Islamic way to live life and know why we do certain things in our faith, other than teaching them to follow Islam blindly. That spark I have is for myself to become a stronger Muslimah and a role model for my children. These courses are more than just a check mark of completion, but walking stones in my journey of Islam and part of my story into developing and inspiring others in Islam. AlhumdulAllah I found Rawiya College and am able to take courses to enrich my mind and my soul. May Allah bless all of those working so hard to develop the programs and curriculum and taking the time to educate Muslims around the world.”

Everyone experiences a spark at some point in their lives...the ilm spark...
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